tisdag 29 maj 2012

Svingeln, Göteborg, maj 2012

måndag 28 maj 2012

Veteranbilar från The Auto Collection

Pris 145.000$ Info här

"This extremely fine example is one of the best XK150's were have ever had. The car runs and drives near perfectly. On the open road, with the overdrive engaged, one can cruise at sixty five miles an hour with ease. Everything works on the car. The interior and exterior are both clean and neat, with the car more than presentable for showing. The car comes with spare, jack, knock-on hammer, tool roll, and handbook."

Pris 75.000$ Info här

"Frame off restoration with 4674 miles on restoration. The firewall is the color of the car. It is the nicest factory color offered in 1961 of Pompeian Red Metallic and is absolutely fabulous in depth and shine. The car was painted apart and then assembled. The new convertible top is red and also coordinates quite nicely with the paint. The leather hides are N.O.S. Metallic Red Florentine Leather that were brought in from New York and are the correct color for 61. They are glove soft and beautiful. The motor and transmission have been gone through. The radiator was recored, Original jack with factory wheel chock and also still has the original spare. All chrome bumpers stainless, shocks, brakes, (boosters too), front end, etc have been redone. Power trunk, power windows (vents too), six way seat with folding armrest between driver and passenger, power antenna, remote mirror, acutronic eye etc. Has rare and optional fog lamps in the front bumper where the turn signals would be. Has an AM/FM/CD player that is mounted under the dash without any modification to dash, has two expensive box speakers that are not visible mounted and pushed way under the dash and also has two Boston wedge speakers pushed under the back of the front seat. This is all hooked into the nicely working (pull on the factory radio volume knob to raise) power antenna. Factory AM radio works fine also. It is an Arizona car with Arizona license plates on the car. The Arizona rust free body and undercarriage is in unbelievably exceptional shape. It has lived a very pampered life. Same owner for over eighteen years. I have never seen a nicer 61 in all the time I have owned it. It has taken many 1st place trophies. Included is a Beverly Hills Car Cover in the trunk, the shop manual, paint chip chart, accessory and sale brochure. etc. Probably the most influential American automotive styling cue of all time is the tailfin. Inspired by the distinctive twin-rudder design of the Lockheed P-38 fighter plane, the so-called “tailfin” first appeared on the 1948 Cadillac, but began growing in height soon afterward, culminating with the legendary excess of the 1959 Cadillac’s. My favorite is the 1961 models, when the fins were in regression and Bill Mitchell’s design team took over from the outlandish Harley Earl in GM’s studios. This was the beginning of the era in design sense!"

lördag 26 maj 2012

The Autocollection i Las Vegas

Pris 85.000$ Info här

"The MGA Mk II was the last of the MGA series; assembly started in April 1961 and ceased in June 1962 with a total production of 8,719 units in both roadster and fixed head coupe configuration. Visually, the Mk II was distinguishable from previous MGA models by various body detail changes. The vertical bars in the front grille assembly were recessed at the bottom, adding much depth to the grille, and a new taillight cluster, borrowed from the Mini, was fitted to comply with new lighting regulations. The most noteworthy change was the installation of BMC's 1,622-cc inline 4-cylinder engine. This cast iron-block engine offered an increase in horsepower of 13% over previous MGA models, as well as a 12% gain in torque. All this was achieved by a displacement increase of only 34 cc. The MGA's restoration was completed only a short time ago, and accordingly, it has logged only break-in miles. This 1962 MGA MK II represents one of the most desired and sought after MGA models, as it was one of the last cars made in 1962. This car is ready for street use and/or show!"
Info här

"This car was the idea of Alan Selborne who wanted to market a Delahaye which was a cross between a racing car and a road car. He asked Guy Jason Henry to design and build a car along these lines for him and the I35 chassis was delivered to Guy's workshop in 1949. The design for this car was conceived before the war but was not completed until 1950! The engine is similar to those installed in the factory 135MS race cars and is fitted with triple Solex siamese carburetors. The body is lightweight aluminum alloy. Selborne wanted to build another two seater prototype but no others are known to be constructed. After completion the car was exhibited on the Delahaye stand at the Earls Court Motor Show before going to its first owner Alex Korda, a famous Hollywood producer. English actor Hubert Reese purchased the car in the late 1950's. Carlton Coolidge purchased the car in 1972 and Delahaye expert Richard Adatto owned the car from 1979 until 2001. The car was
restored by Richard Adatto in 1980 before he raced it on many different vintage circuits with great success. The car was also shown at the Pebble Beach Concours in 1982 where it placed second in the Delahaye class. This car was cosmetically freshened up recently before completing the Colorado Grand flawlessly (1,000 miles). The engine, transmission, body and chassis are all original. The car has been successfully vintage raced in Monterey in 1981 and 1982 where the car took a second and a fourth place."

Pris 105000$ Info här

"Powered by the original 400 4-barrel engine with a 4-speed, center console, Rally I wheels and red line tires. The car still retains its original paint and is so nice. It looks restored. The chrome and stainless are also perfect. The interior is impeccable and pristine. The undercarriage has been detailed and is spotless. It has a new Gardner exhaust system, the original ball joints, and 4 original dated spiral shocks. The trunk is 100% original, un-restored and perfect. The spatter paint is flawless, along with the original mat, jack, tools and original red line spare. Everything works on this car including the windshield wiper squirters, all lights and gauges, and even the optional reverb radio. This car has all the PHS documentation and owner's manual, the original dealer invoice, copy of the cancelled check, 1976 dated title when owner transferred the title from his father's name for insurance purposes, and a signed affidavit from the original owner telling the story of the car from brand new. This car was just Concours Gold Certified at the 2008 GTO nationals losing only 15 points. Judging sheets, certificate and award go with the car. An original car of this caliber is so hard to find and they are very rarely available for sale. Please take the time to look at this car and truly appreciate how nice it really is. The engine was re-painted once; the original dated spark plug wires and fan belt go with the car. This car drives better than a new car."

Pris 185.000$ Info här

"Built by noted customizer Rick Dore and featured on the cover of Rod and Custom magazine.
This 1950 Cadillac is a recent creation of Rick Dore and certainly one of his finest. Free of many of the clichés of modern customs, this car is pure and elegant. No billet aluminum or Corvette drive trains, this car keeps true to its tradition and the result is stunning. The 1950 Cadillac has been lengthened and converted into a roadster. The three position top is reminiscent of custom Derham coachwork. The tail lights and tonneau cover are all hand fabricated. The look is more concept car than custom. Thankfully the car has been left with its stock drive train and rolls on Cadillac spoked wire wheels. Everything done to the car is respectful of the original Cadillac that he began with, an automotive icon itself. The automotive community has rewarded Dore's latest creation with the highest respect, including the coveted cover car position on Rod and Custom magazine with a six page spread inside. The Caddy has been featured on four magazine covers since its completion both here and abroad and it has dominated the competition and show circuit. In addition to being a striking and sophisticated custom it remains a usable car. Fitted with air bag suspension, the ride can be adjusted for comfortable road use. The superb Cadillac drivetrain is unmodified and should prove powerful and reliable. There are no heavy mechanical modifications that would make this car temperamental and difficult. This is truly one of the most striking customs we have seen and one that appeals to a different sensibility. A study of the design and its influences and inspiration are apparent. This is a car that could be at home in any collection of fine American or European classics."

Pris 75.000$ Info här

"This beautifully restored Ermine White Corvette Convertible was the last of the straight axle cars and the last to have a rear trunk until 1998. It was the first year for the 327 engine, coves painted to match the body color without cove trim, and the last year for exposed headlights until 2005. This Corvette is equipped with a 340 horsepower engine, 4-speed manual transmission and soft top only. Corvettes are still Americas Favorite sports car!"

torsdag 24 maj 2012

Imperial Palace' bilsamling

Utställd på McCarran airport i Las Vegas, mer info här.

Pris 115.000$ Info här

"The car was originally presented at the London Motor Fair (Show) at Earls Court in 1983. For a sum of £50,000, a price in those days roughly equivalent to three or more original cars, the Bouillot Helsel E Type boasted 5 speed Jaguar synchromesh gearbox, beefed up suspension and an aesthetic makeover which was not only very striking, but far more luxurious than the original. This included matching luggage, a plush leather interior with burled walnut dashboard fascia and its own style of knock-off hubs. Boldly, the company used their own cream and burgundy throughout and a ‘BH’ insignia can be found across the headlining and on the luggage, while a chrome ‘Boillot Helsel’ signature can be found on the lower hood edge. It is not known how successful the venture was and consultation with knowledgeable Jaguar historians such as Philip Porter in the UK suggests that this may well be the sole example although the ‘model’ is referred to in Chris Harvey’s ‘E Type. End of an Era’ and features on page 245 of this book. Today the car records just a couple of thousand miles on its odometer. The engine compartment is clean and detailed in a matching color scheme. The vendor reports the car runs well, and is a pleasure to drive. It is a one-of-a-kind automobile and very striking in appearance, a car that everyone will notice."

Pris 115.000$ Info här

"The car was originally presented at the London Motor Fair (Show) at Earls Court in 1983. For a sum of £50,000, a price in those days roughly equivalent to three or more original cars, the Bouillot Helsel E Type boasted 5 speed Jaguar synchromesh gearbox, beefed up suspension and an aesthetic makeover which was not only very striking, but far more luxurious than the original. This included matching luggage, a plush leather interior with burled walnut dashboard fascia and its own style of knock-off hubs. Boldly, the company used their own cream and burgundy throughout and a ‘BH’ insignia can be found across the headlining and on the luggage, while a chrome ‘Boillot Helsel’ signature can be found on the lower hood edge. It is not known how successful the venture was and consultation with knowledgeable Jaguar historians such as Philip Porter in the UK suggests that this may well be the sole example although the ‘model’ is referred to in Chris Harvey’s ‘E Type. End of an Era’ and features on page 245 of this book. Today the car records just a couple of thousand miles on its odometer. The engine compartment is clean and detailed in a matching color scheme. The vendor reports the car runs well, and is a pleasure to drive. It is a one-of-a-kind automobile and very striking in appearance, a car that everyone will notice."

Pris 135.000$ Info här

"This awesome example is all date coded, number matching, nut and bolt, rotisserie restoration, anywhere and everywhere with no exceptions. Restored by Harold Louisiana who wrote numerous books on correct date coded, as it was from the factory, rotisserie restorations for the Classic Chevrolet Club in Florida and is widely recognized as one of the top (if not the top) 1955 to 1957 Chevrolet restorers in the country. Always first place in shows where it is not judged on points, always scores platinum on the national level Classic Chevy Club point system, scored Best of Show on the National level, 1st place Concours d’Elegance, etc. Harbor Blue lacquer with a clear top coat is correct and has a small correct amount of flake and is without a doubt the nicest color that was offered by Chevrolet in 1957. It is a 270/283 EB 548 block, dual quad (two four barrel carburetors), close ratio 3 speed on column (completely rebuilt), 355 posi traction differential (completely rebuilt with correct P casing and tag). Power windows (newer stronger motors inside doors allowing windows to run faster, correct switches), power seat, (rebuilt of course) NOS day night mirror,, NOS vacuum ashtray, NOS emergency brake warning light, signal seeking radio (Wonderbar), rebuilt of course, rear speaker w/front/rear fader switch, NOS power rear antenna, NOS manual rear antenna, tissue dispenser, NOS hammer tone seat belt buckles, (1st year for seat belts in Chevrolet). Front sway bar, NOS hydro vac power brakes (lots of comments as most have only seen the Treadle Vac which would be for an automatic car), NOS third note horn (clamshell) mostly found on taxi’s, NOS windshield washer system with electric wipers, factory tool kit, NOS rear deck (trunk) trim, NOS skirts (with gravel guards), NOS Continental kit, New tinted date coded glass ( yes all the window frames were rechromed, flippers rebuilt, vents window frames, repolished/rebuilt),dual mirrors, spinners on wheel covers (no decals-they were masked off and painted where the flat black is), NOS compass on dash, new gel/maintenance free tar top battery, correct 1956 license plate with NOS 1957 tab. The numbers on the plate correspond with when it came off the assembly line. Back up lights, hood/trunk/light, NOS locking gas cap, all factory markings, balancing marks on drive shaft etc., NOS oil pan, much NOS stainless trim, Beverly Hills flannel car cover included in trunk, also numerous restoration manuals, judging guidelines, wiring diagrams, accessories installation manual etc. Runs, drives perfect. Does not wander, pull and goes down the road perfectly. NOS dash trim, lemon grove plating in California (the best) did the plating of pot metal and chrome and polishing of the stainless, yes NOS parts were re-chromed also. The motor was built by wheeler racing engines in Minnesota to factory correct specs with solid lifters, deep groove pulleys, 997 heads, correct distributor, etc. Plating on the carbs and hydro vac was sent around the country numerous times to get the correct color and proper restoration. Car sits right (new springs, rebuilt spiral shocks, all new steering, and front end brakes), Imron industrial finish on frame under hood and all semi-gloss parts. CorLar epoxy primer on all parts before painting. Complete body and all parts dipped to insure any and all is removed before painting. There was none but it sure cleans everything up. Insulation installed inside of the doors to have a solid and quiet sound. Ed’s of Minnesota did the interior and made it from scratch to insure the perfect fit. All mechanicals, bearings, wiring, speedometer, clock, under dash, clutch, etc, etc. anywhere and everywhere. If it could be disassembled and restored it was. Complete stainless steel exhaust, new tires. The current owner has all the receipts as well as extensive pictures of the restoration in progress. Recored/rebuilt radiator, heater core, generator, steering sector, new ball joints, arms, cleared drive shaft (with balancing stripes), all new wiring, rebuilt steering column, firewall pad under dash, hose clamps, jack, all cad plated where applicable. It is also the most desirable color and is unbelievably LOADED with an exceptional amount of unusual options that are correct and make the car TRULY INTERESTING. There is also an immense amount of NOS parts and it is correctly date coded. The restoration was done by HAROLD LOUISIANA who wrote numerous books for the Classic Chevy Club and is considered the best or at least one of the top three best in the country. If you want to take a back seat to no other 55 thru 57 original Bel Air in the country then we have what you need. It took seven years to compile the correct parts and do the restoration. It is a work of art that steels the show wherever it shows"
Info här

"The Jaguar XJ220 is a mid-engined sports car produced by Jaguar in collaboration with Tom Walkinshaw Racing as Jaguar Sport between 1992 and 1994. It held the record for the highest top speed of a production car 217 mph until the arrival of the McLaren F1 in 1994. EPA / DOT Conversion done by: G & K of Santa Ana, CA., Label number: AC204045, Conversion completion date: 3/25/02, Vehicle conforms to US EPA standards – 1993."

Pris 75.000$ Info här

"This Car was purchased new by the late Maurice Guerry of Castleford,ID in 1954. One year later it was sold to Phil Cargill who owned and operated the Yellow Cab Co. and Limousine service in Twin Falls, ID. The car was used to Chauffer celebrities traveling between Sun Valley and the Twin Falls Airport. Janet Leigh, Ann Sheridan and Lydia Du Pont were among the many that were reported to have been chauffeured in the car while vacationing in Sun Valley, ID. Additionally Marilyn Monroe used the car many times during filming of the movie "Bus Stop" in the mid fifties in Sun Valley. Bing Crosby is also reported to have used the car to transport his hunting parties from Sun Valley to a favorite pleasant hunting area near Burley in Southern Idaho. This car is preserved in original condition with the exception of a paint job, the odometer shows 63,750 miles which is believed to be original. This is a great 50's Cadillac with an amazing history!"

The Nomads på Liseberg - The Videos

Inte mindre än fem videos blev det. Håll till godo!

The Nomads på Lisebergs lilla scen

Skön röjig sextiotalsrock med The Nomads bjöds det på till en liten skara hängivna fans. Bandet har ju alltid funnits i periferin, första plattan kom 1981, men jag har aldrig lyssnat på dom innan. Jag har kört nya plattan Solna ett par gånger nu i veckan och den är riktigt bra. Precis som spelningen.

Videor kommer. Klicka på bilderna för större. 

onsdag 23 maj 2012

På femte våningen i Imperial Palace, LV

Den här lättviktaren skapades av en av världens äldsta biltillverkare; Panhard som integrerades med Citroën i mitten på 50-talet. Nu livnär de sig på militär utrustning. Pris 29.500$
Info här

"The best reproduction of a SSK Mercedes. The real one would cost you $10,000,000 - $12,000,000! Over $4 million just in development costs! In 1977, a large Japanese Clothing owner, who recently had his original Mercedes-Benz SSK restored, wanted a replica SSK built for daily use. They commissioned Paul Weldon of Church Green Engineering to do the work. Former F1 designer Len Terry engineered the project and in 1978 when finished the owner was so delighted with the car that he ordered another ten to be built. The Gozzy SSK replica had a purpose built chassis with the front and rear axles from the BMC range of cars. The wheels and hubs were taken from a Jaguar, and the engine and transmission were from the Mercedes-Benz 280 Series, producing roughly the same horsepower as the original 7-liter SSK monster. The ash frame and body were all hand built by English craftsmen. The outcome is a remarkable copy of the famous SSK car."
Info här

"42 shows entered – 41 First Place Awards!
This mint restored example was originally sold new in Livermore, California. The original owner had the car until 1986, then sold it to Don Mettes of San Ramon, California. The car was then sold to Ralph Engelstad of the Imperial Palace in 1996. In 1998, the car was purchased by the Blackhawk Collection in Danville, California. The car then went to Bill Jacobs of Joliet, Illinois in 1998. This exceptional example has won over 40 first place awards including 3 first place awards at the Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance, 2 first place awards at the Lafayette Concours d’Elegance, 1st place at the St. Mary’s Concours d’Elegance and Best of Show in Los Angeles,
Seattle, San Francisco, Good Guys Bug Bash and most recently was an Elite winner at a VW show here in Las Vegas. It has been featured in over 12 magazines including Hot VWs, VW Trends and Las Vegas Weekly. Here’s your chance to own one of the finest examples anywhere!"

Info här

"Unlike the other Bizzarinis that followed this prototype example, the chassis was made out of pressed steel, welded into box tubes similar to a front engine car. This was a more costly and complicated procedure only used on the P538 in Italian it’s called a “telaio profilato”. This absolutely beautiful example won 2nd Place at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 1990. Ownership history: In 1968, Hans-Uli Buechli purchased the car from the Bizzarini Facility. The car was then sold to Steven Langton Limited, England. In 1987, the car was sold to Oliver Kuttner of Charlottesville, Virginia. In 1995, the car was sold to Todd Morici of Morici Motorsports in New Jersey. In 1996, the car was sold to a private collection and in 2001 the car was acquired by the Blackhawk Collection in Danville, California."
Info här

"S677288 was last registered in the USA in Ohio in 1977. Previous history is unknown. The car was purchased by a Swiss collector and exported to Switzerland, and he campaigned the car extensively in club road events for many years until he stored the car approximately five years ago. Purchased by Jurg Street in Berne Switzerland and sold to present owner who re-imported the car into California in early 2010. Car needed fuel system restoration and complete brake job including new lines and master and slave cylinders. Engine has strong compression on all cylinders and runs well. New Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial tires fitted all round and wire wheels restored. Excellent top, No side curtains. After market bonnet strap. Alloy sump."

Pris 95.000$ Info här

"The Thunderbird was revised for 1957 with a reshaped front bumper, a larger grille and tailfins, and larger tail lamps. The 312 cu in V8 became the Thunderbird's standard engine, and now produced 245 horsepower. Though Ford was pleased to see sales of the Thunderbird rise to a record-breaking 21,380 units for 1957, company executives felt the car could do even better, leading to a substantial redesign of the car for 1958. This particular car has had a 100 point, nut and bolt restoration and is optioned with power steering, power windows, power seats, fender skirts, Holley carburetor and aftermarket air conditioning."
Info här

"1 of 2 Built!
Jaques Saoutchik is probably most notable for his flamboyant coach designs for the Delahaye auto company. After World War II Saoutchik built two custom ordered Cadillacs for the American Market, one specifically for film star Delores Del Rio and this one for Paul Kassoff but quickly made it into the hands of Louis Ritter. When the Series 62 chassis arrived in Paris, Saoutchik probably looked at it as an opportunity to try new ideas and expose his work to America. So, he borrowed styling cues from the Cadillac line and used them in a distinctly French way with hopes that the car would gain attention from some of America's major players.
This 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Saoutchik Cabriolet is extremely breathtaking, probably the most intensely beautiful Caddies ever made."

Info här

"A ground-up restored camper with rare factory cargo doors on both sides. Has new paint, glass, chrome, rubber, upholstery, woodwork, brakes and 12-volt system. Also features a rebuilt motor and transmission. This outstanding 1961 VW Micro Bus came from the German factory with the very rare option of double cargo doors on both sides. The Oregon-based Caravelle Camper company, which was one of the first camper conversion companies in the U.S, installed the original camper equipment. After 35 years of storage, the camper has undergone a complete professional ground-up restoration to like new condition. On the exterior there's new two tone white and blue paint with front Safari windows, new white wall tires and all new glass, chrome and rubber throughout. Included is a new canvas awning and roof luggage rack. The undercarriage and suspension have been fully detailed. The interior has new dark blue upholstery and new flooring, tables and curtains. The new cabinetry, paneling and headliner are all done in beautiful maple wood. An icebox, water storage tank and pump, fold-out bed and vintage gas heater round out the camper's interior. The brake and 12-volt systems are new. Both the dual port 1600cc motor and transmission are rebuilt."

Byggd 1996 av en oberoende custom tillverkare "Vintage 550 Spyder", pris 75.000$. Det sitter en fyrcylindrig motor från Porsche i på 1600cc. Mycket bil för pengarna som det brukar heta.

fredag 18 maj 2012

Tant Strul - The movie

Tre videos blev det från igår, Som änglarna är min favorit, tivolipunk!

Tant Strul på Lisebergs lilla scen

Det är inte många artister i år som jag skulle ge mig in till stan för att se när det duggregnar, om någon. Förutom Tant Strul då. Nu hade ju vi tappra tur med vädret, för det var uppehåll hela konserten igenom. Höstmörker och så kallt så man skakar på vägen hem, men det ska ju vara så i år.

Tanterna på scen har ju en speciell plats i mitt hjärta, ett av mina favoritband på åttiotalet, tillsammans med Imperiet och Dag Vag. Skivan Jag önskar dig håller jag som en av de bästa svenska plattorna någonsin och den hängde på väggen i min första lägenhet, bredvid Cures Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me.

Återföreningar är ju vanskliga, det har ju gått några år. Då kan man med glädje konstatera att här har tiden stått stilla. Jag måste t o m ifrågasätta om tanterna lät så här bra när det begav sig. Rösterna är rena och klara och ljudbilden är tajt och låter som på skiva fast bättre.

Det blir nästan en och en halv timme och knappt nån dålig låt. Till de absoluta höjdpunkterna plockade jag påpassligt fram videokameran. Håll utkik här efter uppdateringar under morgondagen.